Insanity’s End: The Seekers

September 6, 2007

Fire blossomed to the east, and Tailos signalled for them to move. His cloaking shroud fell about them as they slid down the slope toward the dark city, and he nodded with approval as more bursts of flame appeared in the distance. “Good. The spawn don’t like fire. Our friends have learned well how to fight these things, while we’ve been gone.”

Aubrick grunted in response, boots skidding over loose gravel and barren rock, until he hit the ground at the bottom of the hill. Rising, he looked cautiously at the walls before them – but while he could see the signs of motion within the city, it all seemed to be heading away from them. Their approach went unnoticed.

“What I don’t understand,” the warrior asked in a low rumble, “is why you’re so free with your magic now – weren’t you worried, earlier, about giving our presence away?”

It was Rowen who answered as she strode up to the walls, and threw the slick obsidian gates open with a gesture. “In the wastes, far from any other life, our magic would have stood out like the sun in the sky. But with the assault of your allies, the air is heavy with magic and spells – so long as we use our power carefully, we won’t stand out amidst the noise. We will be seen, certainly – but only as one star amongst many.”

“Stay together,” warned Tailos, darting through the entryway just behind Aubrick. “My magic will keep our presence largely cloaked from the spawn, but only if we stay close – and any foes that get near will notice us. Aubrick, dealing with them will fall to you. Rowen… keep your senses open in case we do attract the attention of the Beast. If we do, all caution will need be thrown to the wind…”

The others nodded, and they proceeded into the monstrous realm with wary eyes and ready blades.

And Stanley Miller walked behind them, silent and unafraid.

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