The Starheart Organization

August 21, 2007

Report on the Starheart Organization: For Classified Level 3 Eyes Only
October 14, 2023

I would say that things are precisely as we feared – but to give the honest truth, not a single one of us saw this coming. In hindsight it may seem as though the signs were there, but before the formation of the Starheart Organization, I would swear on the face of the Almighty that there wasn’t a man or woman alive who could have foreseen this turn of events.

It began, as you know, with the termination of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration not five years past. With the rise of foreign powers and the fragile peace abroad, we couldn’t afford to turn our attentions away from Mother Earth – and so, after half a century of fine service, the space program was discontinued.

We knew that those who had spent their lives on the program would be upset, and they were – but we didn’t expect anything to come of it. We underestimated their determination – and more than that, we underestimated their capabilities.

The minds that worked on their research facilities were, in fact, rocket scientists. Some of the finest intellects on the planet, who had dedicated themselves to pushing forward the technology that would allow mankind to soar the stars. And when they were forced to turn away from that… well, they discovered that they could apply their discoveries, and their minds, to many other fields indeed.

And beyond the scientists, consider the astronauts themselves. These are men and women in the peak of physical fitness, with brilliant minds, steadfast wills, and a capability for learning and ingenuity that is found in less than a hundredth of a percent of the population. They were dedicated to the exploration of space, but we removed that option – and while a few returned to normal life with their families and friends, it seems the large majority banded together to found this Starheart Organization, and began focusing on an entirely different training indeed.

While I would consider the decisions of the ex-NASA personnel to have been beyond our capability to predict, I do hold us accountable for not noticing the funds they diverted to their cause. It is unclear at this point whether they had been harvesting money for years, forseeing the encroaching need, or whether they funnelled it off at the least minute. Either way, our men are guilty for failing to notice the appropriation of government funds that led to the current situation.

At the present moment, they number less than a thousand individuals in total – but each of them is as well trained as our prime agents, with arms and armaments that easily outpace our our technology. And they have established a base overseas, and are offering their service to the highest bidder – and will almost certainly not enter into any dealings with us.

In short, they are a mercenary force of the highest caliber, an elite unit such as has not yet been seen in modern warfare on this scale. Rumors have already begun to circulate, muddying any attempts to discern their headquarters or gathering places, as well as to give them an aura of legend that will weaken the morale of any sent against them. (See attached report, re: Moon Base.)

Attached as well is a list of the names and biographies of all members known or believed to have joined the Starheart Organization. At this time, I have no further information on whether they have recruited outsiders, though it seems unlikely that any but the most skilled would be able to make it into their ranks.

My recommendation at this point – send out a white flag, and see if there is anything we can promise them to have them return to the fold.

In the likely event that this meets with failure, I recommend prayer and vast amounts of cursing, not necessarily in that order.

Special Agent Adlam, Prime Number Thirty-Seven

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