The Many Lives and Times of Sam Saturday: Delivery Boy

August 11, 2007

It was strange to call a man of twenty-seven years a delivery boy, but at heart, that is what Sam was. He wasn’t the smartest fellow, or the quickest, or the best-looking… but he could get an object from one place to another more efficiently than anyone else in the world.

He had known it from a young age, and spent the better part of his youth on a paper-boy route. He got older, finished high school, decided not to go into college… and since then, he’s filled a handful of different positions delivering goods.

Currently he was working at fedex, and his supervisor had never seen another quite so good at the job. I mean – customers would call in, not to complain, but to compliment how quickly their package had arrived, how polite Sam had been, how he had shown up with the package at the absolute perfect time. That just doesn’t happen. No one goes out of their way to register compliments. It was surreal.

Sam, for his part, continued on his merry way. He knew his away around town, though it was more of an intuitive knowledge – he could find the perfect route on any given moment of any given day, moving from stop to stop with the utmost efficiency. More than that, when he was on the job, the world itself seemed to be working in his favor – he never hit a red light, the roads were clear, time itself seemed to give him a little unseen boost.

He was, in short, the best delivery boy the world had ever seen. And he enjoyed it – he liked the pleasure of doing his job, and doing it well, and adding a little more happiness to the world when people were pleased to recieve their orders.

Tonight, that was all about to change.

There are forces in our world that lurk within the shadows – organizations and societies that run things from behind the scenes. And they scheme, and they plot, and they manipulate.

And they had need of Sam’s services.

He was the best at what he did, and what he did was deliver packages. Right now, they needed the best, and they meant to have it… no matter the consequences.

For the first time in his life, Sam will have to face the ultimate choice of whether to do his job… or let the delivery fail, for the good of the world.

And that is a decision no delivery boy should ever have to make.

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