The Many Lives and Times of Sam Saturday: Dream Catcher

April 14, 2007

There was nothing mystical or profound about what Sam did. He caught the dreams of others, and put them to his own use. He did this for money, and power, and fame.

Sam wasn’t an ideas man. Coming up with clever plans and smart new ideas – that wasn’t what he did. He was a practical individual, best suited to refining already existing ideas. For many years he worked as a consultant, showing people how to take their clever thoughts and make something real with them. It didn’t take any imagination – just the ability to see the connections between dream and reality.

Perhaps the only creative moment in Sam’s life was when he realized he didn’t need to spend his life making dreams real for other people, but could simply take them for himself.

Everyone has them, all the time. Stray thoughts on how to improve the world. Things they would invent, if they could, or problems in their lives that really didn’t need to be there. And Sam would listen, prowling coffee houses and internet journals, school yards and workplaces. He’d wait until someone gave voice to their latest idea, and he’d note the ones of promise.

And then he’d go home and make them his own. Work out the details, patent the idea, use the money he had made consulting to finance the investment. Fill that hole in the world, and reap the rightful profit. Again, and again, and again.

Who did it harm, really? These ordinary people, they would never make use of their dreams, their ideas. He had the power to fix the world, if not the sight to see where it needed fixing. And maybe one day they’d see what he did, and complain that they had thought of it first, and that it wasn’t fair he made millions while they wasted away at their ordinary jobs…

It wasn’t fair, but Sam didn’t mind. Perhaps he didn’t have that spark of soul that would have let him care – the same lack that prevented him from coming up with clever thoughts on his own.

It didn’t matter. Sam would die a powerful, rich and famous man… and he’d never thought to look for a dream that would actually help him find happiness.

He certainly wasn’t creative enough to find it on his own. 

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