The Many Lives and Times of Sam Saturday: International Man of Mystery

March 24, 2007

Sammy was famous. He had written dozens of books on his exploits as Argyle, world-famous spy and secret agent. They were exciting, action-packed adventures, and even had the slightest bit of truth in them, and people smiled when they finally understood what had caused that mysterious exposion in the Atlantic, or why some third-world country’s dictatorship had actually toppled.

Argyle was, in fact, real. He also wasn’t Sam Saturday.

Sam wrote the books, taking the spy’s success for himself, and Argyle was perfectly ok with that – he wouldn’t be a very good spy if everyone knew who he was.

And luckily for Sammy, everyone that mattered knew the truth as well, and it was painfully obvious to any supervillain that did their research that Sammy was a fake.

Unfortunately for Sammy, Dr. Nu is anything but competent. (His doctorate isn’t even real.) And he plans to get revenge on Argyle for wrecking his latest scheme – and Sammy is going to be getting a visit from his men all too soon.

And that’s when Sammy’s life of adventure and mystery becomes the real thing.

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