Heaven Bound

June 5, 2006

Brilliant lights shone throughout the celestial ocean, and the Star Seeker pulled hard to the right, following the signal of the captain.

Captain Sunspot stood at the brow of the ship, his sailing jacket open and flapping in the strange wind that always found its way into a ship moving through the streams of ether. An old-fashioned earth blade rested on his left hip, and a full-power blaster on his right. He was a man of his times, and while he cut an impressive figure, he looked like any number of a hundred captains sailing the Sea of Lights.

The figure standing next to him was another story. A young boy with soft blond hair and a humble shirt, Johnny’s face was the picture of innocence. Even if it wasn’t for the item he carried, there was a glow in his eyes that would pause the most blood-thirsty pirates in their tracks.

The captain glanced at that very item, which the boy held steady before him. Silver metal surrounded a small circle covered in a plane of glass. Within, a single needle drifted from side to side as the boy adjusted it, pointing unerringly towards a single destination.

The captain had found the compass, but knew it wouldn’t do him any good in his own hands – he knew where it would point him towards, and he meant it to be a long while before he travelled there.

It had taken some doing to find the purest, most innocent child in all the planets, but he had his resources. And now Johnny was here, by his side, trusting and ready to lead him to his goal.

And when he found the gates of Heaven, not even God himself would stop him from reclaiming his dear Maria.

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