Five Men Came to the Smiling Stone

April 26, 2006

Five men came to the Smiling Stone, lost in the sea of Quay.
They found it cast out from the tides; upon the sandy beach it lay.

The first man was a learned king, full of legend and lore.
To the other men he told the tale, heard in the days of yore.

“The Smiling Stone of Rimerst Fain was a gift from gods above,
He who holds it and gives his name shall know his deepest love.”

The second man was a valiant king, swift and strong of sword,
He slew the first and claimed the stone should go into his hoard.

The third man was a social king, whose words had won his crown,
He drew the rest to his side and they cast the second down.

The fourth man was a sly king, full of tricks and lies,
He caught the third’s attention and then stabbed him in the eyes.

The fifth man was an idiot king, from birth alone came his throne,
As the others scuffled, he bid the stone should take him home.

Three kings lay dead upon the shore, the stone was lost again.
One king would wander homeless, one king became a better man.

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