The Many Lives and Times of Sam Saturday: Inspirational Speaker

April 24, 2006

Samantha Ophelia Saturday was possessed of both a blessing and a curse.

Her services were famed across the world. She was known for being skilled of speech and soul – in nigh unto any situation, she could find the perfect words to speak.

When faced with a child mourning the loss of his mother, she would give consolation. She would give the promise of a brighter tomorrow, and the heartfelt warmth of a life well-lived, and rewarded with eternal heaven.

When encountering a young man in his early twenties standing six stories above the ground, jobless and heartbroken, and seeking an end to all the pain… she would give determination. She would give the thirst for new life, new love, and the insatiable urge to challenge the world regardless of what hurdles it may present.

When brought forth to a luncheon held by one of the up-and-coming members of the Fortune 500, she would give her listeners motivation. She would give them confidence in their jobs, and awareness of how they are helping to make a better tomorrow. She would give them drive to continue their work to their fullest capabilities.

When Samantha speaks, people listen. She understands their worries, their concerns. She sees their hidden goals and desires, and knows how to draw them to the surface, and give them life.

Yet as she wanders the world over, granted fame and fortune by her talents, she remains dissatisfied. She cannot tell what her own hopes and dreams are, drowned as she is in the countless yearnings of others. She knows she isn’t happy with her life, but cannot see a way to change it.

She is friend and confidant to all the world, but her own heartache can find no sympathetic ear. She knows not how to express it, how to show it – and she knows that she must keep any sign of turmoil lost away, lest it taint her speech, her performance.

She is a gift given to the people of Earth, but her own existence brings her nothing but sorrow. That is the tale of Samantha Ophelia Saturday, and it has no happy ending.

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