The Many Lives and Times of Sam Saturday: Restaurant Saboteur

April 15, 2006

It was very, very easy for Samantha to get a job as a waitress. The key, in all fairness, was that she had a big rack. As long as you’ve got the looks, and are at least remotely competent in all the other areas, the restaurants will snatch you right up.

Which was useful, since she was an undercover agent working for Applebee’s, infiltrating the competition to steal their secret recipes and shut down their operations. She would sow discord among the workers, specially ‘treat’ the food products, switch up the orders – oh, she was damn good at what she did. Given two weeks, she could bring the most popular place to its knees.

The other restaurants begin to grow suspicious, as one catostrophe after another broke out. They knew a spy was in the field, but they didn’t know who it was, or what company was behind the scheme. So a few of the local chains pooled their resources to hire the best agent money could buy – a man known only as Mr. Saturday.

He was able to track Samantha down easily enough. He entered the workplace beside her, posing, himself, as just another twenty-something college grad looking for a job to make ends meet. His plan was to get close and find out who she was working for. What he couldn’t have foreseen was carrying the deception a bit too far…

It’s easy to see where the story ends, isn’t it? The two of them fall madly in love, and decide to join forces – and turn their talents on their employers. With her experience and his contacts, they decided to take the fight straight to the top, and begin playing all sides against each other.

Before anyone realized they were being played, a full blown eatery war had broken out – and when the dust settled, Samantha and Saturday were the shadow king and queen of the restaurant trade. The CEOs of the major chains were but puppets at their fingertips, dancing when told to dance. Riches and power were theirs for the taking, and it would be a full generation before anyone would rise to challenge their dominance.

So who says it doesn’t pay to take a career in the food industry?

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