The Many Lives and Times of Sam Saturday: Private Eye

April 4, 2006

Sam lived alone, his only friend a stray cat named Daniels. He had scruffy clothing but impeccable manners. At thirty-three, he was content with his lot in life – he had learn to disdain the company of others, and had spent the last five years writing a novel he never planned to publish.

Sam ran his own small but successful private investigation firm. Most cases he solved dealt with the usual bullshit – cheating husbands, small business fraud, and the occasional family trying to track down a runaway daughter. He’d seen it all before, and the luster and allure of the nightlife had long since faded. He’d come to expect the usual… and maybe that was his downfall.

As of 2 this afternoon, Sam is wanted for murder. He doesn’t know the victim or who framed him – much less why – but he knows they did a bang-up job of it, and he won’t solve the mystery if he lets the cops take him in. So Sam’s on the run from the long arm of the law, and the only hope he has left is himself.

He saw three clues at the murder scene before he had to flee. Two of them are fake, decoys left by a killer that knew him all too well. One was a note the victim scrawled with her own blood, that simply read, “Orange eyes.” One was a tiny, broken, violin. And one was a single diamond whose beauty was marred by a single flaw.

Sam Saturday has three days to figure out what’s real and what’s lies, and then the cops will catch him and it won’t be long ‘fore he’s riding the lightning. Work fast, Sam! Here’s your chance to save the day and avenge the love you never knew you had.

Here’s a hint, kiddo – the diamond is a fake. Use it well, cause the three days are ticking away for Sam Saturday, Private Eye.

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