The Challenge

March 14, 2006

Wayne Johnston was an ordinary man.

He worked an ordinary job, from 9 – 5, in an ordinary office.

His chosen vehicle of transportation was a 1993 Honda Civic of no especial note.

For all these reasons, it came as a surprise when a message was left at his doorstop, challenging him to join the Race.

The Race was a treasure hunt stretching across the entirety of America. Through each of the fifty states! Through the frozen northland of Canada, through the blazing jungles of Equador! A year of journeying, and to the victor goes untold fame… and to the losers, only death awaits.

Wayne Johnston did not know why he was invited to such a thing. But as he read the details of the Race – of the treasures that awaited, and of the many grisly and painful demises possible along the trail – something began to awaken with him.

Perhaps, he thought, someone had seen something inside of him that he had not. Something strong. Something fast. Something tough. Something willing to step up to a challenge… and survive.

Wayne Johnston entered the Race, and never looked back.

His next door neighbor, Rodrigo del Torgo, world-reknowned explorer, learned about the Race a month too late, and exclaimed, “Fuck!”

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