Late for a Very Important Date

March 11, 2006

James Hobbleton was a very special person.

He was cursed, you see, to always arrive late.

He spent much of his youth trying to overcome this, and always – always – failing.

It wasn’t until he was a young man that he learned that his tardiness was not his own fault, but the result of a magical curse laid upon him by an evil witch when he was born.

And that was when James got to thinking, you see.

He was a smart guy, James. And if fell to reason that a magical curse was, well, absolute. And operated in terms of absolutes. If he had an event scheduled, he would arrive late. It would do whatever was necessary to ensure that such a thing came to pass.

Can you imagine what it would be like? To have a connection to the inner workings of time, like that? One meant for aggravation – but there is power there nonetheless. Can you imagine what you could do with that power?

James could.

And that’s the origin of Jimmy Speed, the fastest man in the world.

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