Adventures in Dialogue – "A Meal To Die For!" starring Frank and Bob.

March 3, 2006

“What’s on the menu today, Frank?”

“Sez here ‘Blackened Chicken Parts’, Bob.”

“Oh God. Thats disgusting. Do they just pour out its entrails and toss them in an open flame? How can they expect anyone to eat that, Frank?”

“I dunno, Bob. Dem chickens some mighty fine eatin’, Bob.”

“Sure, chicken, fine. Chicken parts? The discarded wastes of a poultry carcass? It’s vile, I say, Frank, simply vile!”

“If’n ya say so, Bob. Don’t be seemin’ any diff’rent fer me than eatin’ any other part of th’ chickens, though.”

“Very well, you brute. Enjoy your meal of assorted chicken intestines. I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON THEM, YOU CALLOUS FOOL! Enough of this, Frank, I shall pursue my dietary options elsewhere. Hmph!”

“Alrighty Bob. See ya same time next week, y’hear?”

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